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The Superhero Holistic Lifestyle

How Did Superfoods Acquire the Super Title
It’s a buzzword these days. Superfoods are everywhere, from store shelves to beauty products. But what are they, and what makes them “super”?  It seems as if a new superfood makes headlines every week. One day, it’s avocado; the next,...
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Whether you call it eggfruit, lucmo, or lucuma, one thing is certain: this flavorful tropical fruit is one of today’s most popular superfoods. With its unique taste, bright color, and adaptability, lucuma seems to be on the rise. In this...
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Superfoods for a Longer and Healthier Life
While it’s impossible to stop time from passing, science is starting to show us that we can affect the pace and direction of our biological clocks. Of all the ways researchers have found to boost our longevity, eating a healthy...
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What Are Superfoods and Why They Are Good for Us?
 According to a recent Harvard study, Americans have become increasingly concerned about eating a healthy diet over the last two decades. With that in mind, millions now consume “superfoods.” These nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables can help fuel the body...
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Get Crazy About Cacao!   Of all the things in the world to get excited about, cacao is one of the best. Cacao has so many uses. It's by far one of the best superfoods that you can have. One...
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