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We are an inventive, people-focused nutrition company who believe that happiness and wellness go hand in hand. It’s our goal to help you reach your nutrition goals while enjoying your daily supplements. We want to bring the most pure source of nutrition this planet has to offer in one product. 

Meet Marcelo Hamui: the founder and inventor of VORG Supershake. Renowned for its innovative health products like the Original Supershake and SuperGreens, he epitomizes the transformative power of a single idea into a thriving enterprise dedicated to promoting health and the best day ever. The inception of these products traces back to a profound personal revelation and the rich experiences gained from his international travels, where local traditions and ancient nutritional wisdom were explored. This journey of discovery was further influenced by encounters with his close friend and mentor; David Avocado Wolfe, a revered superfoods guru, whose teachings helped sculpt and shape the company's core philosophy: “Let food be your medicine.”

The idea for VORG Supershake crystallized during the preparation for a yoga festival, reflecting on a desire to amalgamate various superfoods into one jar to rule them all. It was a mission to combine the healing power of what was a lifelong journey to gather years of superfoods from different bottles into a true all in one Supershake. This vision was not just about simplicity but about crafting a daily nutritional powerhouse as well as a single bottle that would compensate for an entire pantry’s stock of nutritional wealth. The pursuit to bring this vision to life involved rigorous experimentation and a commitment to create something both beneficial physically and palatably. The goal was to achieve a perfect balance between 22 specifically chosen ingredients known for their health benefits and synergistic effects. 

After years of dedication, using the fibonacci sequence and sacred geometry to formulate the perfect daily dose of each superfood, the VORG Supershake was born and trademarked in 2012. Quickly becoming the flagship product, Marcelo debuted the Supershake at the Cure to Cancer Conference in San Diego in 2013. There he touched the lives, and hearts of many with this powerful concept which had shown to give immediate and long lasting results. It was designed to seriously increase the body’s natural ability to recover and rebuild itself from the inside out, but much faster! It supports a speedy recovery to health, and improved quality of life, truly a product of the founder's initial inspiration and hard work.

The growth of VORG didn't stop with the Supershake. Recognizing the potential to broaden its personal reach, Marcelo developed SuperGreens! Aimed at enhancing the body’s alkalization through the power of green superfoods. This new product was intended to complement the Supershake, targeting improved bodily functions and internal balance.VORG’s products are more than just supplements; they embody a holistic approach to health that emphasizes physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. They serve as tools for empowerment, encouraging individuals to actively engage with their health.

Today, VORG is a beacon in the health and wellness industry, beloved by a community that extends beyond the initial circle of friends and family. It thrives on a foundation of quality, innovation, and the enduring vision of its founding moments.

Marcelo’s background in Health & Wellness started initially with a yoga teacher training in 2005 when he discovered the Raw & Living Foods movement. This was at a pivotal time in his young developing years as he sought out the most prized wisdom from gurus and healers of our time. He got to meet many master’s such as Dharma Mittra, experienced the meditation community of Osho in India, and spent 5 years of his time teaching Traditional Hatha Yoga at the University of Central Florida from 2009 to 2013, has deeply influenced VORG's ethos. These collective experiences have ingrained a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit and nutrition, which is evident in the VORG’s creations.

VORG stands not just as a testament to the power of Raw Superfoods but as proof that passion and perseverance can transform a simple inspiration into a substantial impact on global health and personal well-being. VORG stands for Vegan, Organic, Raw, & Gluten-free.

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We want to bring the most pure source of nutrition this planet has to offer in one product. VORGVegan, Organic, Raw, Gluten Free.